Say Her Name: Korryn Gaines

On, Monday, August 1, Korryn Gaines was killed by Baltimore City Police Department. During the standoff her 5 year old was also shot and taken to a local hospital. The incident occurred because the police had an arrest warrant for Gaines and unnamed gentlemen (who escaped with a 1 year old child and was later captured in police custody). The warrant was for unpaid traffic tickets and was issued after Gaines failed to appear in court.

I feel that there is more to this story than the police are telling us. After her death, her social media disappeared from the internet. This has become a common move of the police for them to dictate to the media a justifiable cause for killing her.  She had been known to post videos of the police harassing her the over the last few months.

This is another example of a senseless death committed by the police that could have been avoided. One of the stories coming out of Baltimore was that she had a shot gun even if we are to believe that report we have seen several incidents of police deescalating white people and arresting them to stand trial. There is more to come with this story I’m sure but I don’t see where Korryn Gaines should have died at the hands of the police.