Kwanzaa Celebration: Day 1 Unity


To strive for an maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race.


I think Unity is something we can do a better job in the Black community. There is unity in our community but there is one problem that needs to be address. Black men need to support Black women more. 


FACT: Black women have Black men’s back all the time even when we shouldn’t to our own detriment.


Earlier this year there was one incident that pissed me off this year. All year long there have been memes circulating around the internet that infer that Black women are losing ground to white women.  Stop putting us into direct competition with them because we are not.  If anything it is Black Men who need to step their game up to be worthy of Black women. We don’t care if you date white women but you don’t have to shit on us in the process.


If you are a Black man reading this post don’t get mad have a conversation with the closest Black woman in your life and ask them what can you do to make their life easier. Culturally we have been raised with a sense of community around us. So it has always been there all we have to do is be stronger and understand that we can take anything that comes in the coming year as long as we are together.